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Why partner with RentLucky?


A new way to rent.

RentLucky is a fun and easy way to manage your properties, find quality tenants, reduce vacancy time, and generate competive and profitable rental prices.

Experienced Management

Your property manager is an expert in the local real estate market as well as the rental market. This experience will help you find the right property, market to the right tenants and make the right upgrades and repairs to ensure you find and retain outstanding tenants.


You can go online 24 hours a day to stay up to date on the work we’re doing for you. Our fees and costs are also transparent, and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your management fee. There are no hidden costs.


Seattle, WA

I am a super fan of Kass and her company RentLucky. They now manages all of my rental properties and I will definitely have them manage any additional properties in the future. I would recommend anyone who is overpaying for a property management to contact RentLucky. I sleep much easier at night knowing that my properties are managed well. This team is headed for incredible levels of success because they deliver on the product.

We are brand new landlords. While our home was listed I was changing jobs, and we were moving. Within three weeks, our home was rented to AWESOME tenants at the right price with zero stress and very little time cost to my wife and I. RentLucky provided an excellent experience that maximized ours profitability and proved to be extremely efficient. They are who need if you want to help establish quick cash flow with the right people, for the right price.


Renton, WA

I was a first time investor that didn't have any experience with leasing a property. They took the time to explain the process of leasing my property and kept me informed every step of the way. I had a signed lease in less than two weeks. The property was not even cleaned or painted before she had it rented. The renter's were waiting on me to get the property ready for them. Not only that, but they rented it for a higher rate than the area was currently going for. I will be using RentLucky's services as I continue to collect investment properties around the area.


Bellevue, WA

Increase your ROI

Vacancy time will be reduced and the property will get rented quickly to a high quality tenant. You’ll also get a competitive and profitable rental price because your manager knows the local market and what tenants are willing to pay for properties like yours.

Quality Tenants

Professional property managers are good at finding a high quality tenant who will pay rent on time and take care of your property. We have the tools and resources that are necessary to conduct a thorough tenant screening.

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